Messages of hope and love

StoryFlags™are banners decorated with messages of hope and love for those living with serious and chronic illness. Each individual flag tells a personal story of caring. Together as a group the flags tell a story of community support.

StoryFlags carry their message directly to the afflicted person. They are displayed in a patient’s home or medical environment as an expression of personal caring and a reminder of those that offer support.

The power and scope possible for the StoryFlags project is profound. Utilizing web, mobile and physical objects of hope that are easily accessible for all including children and adults with a wide range of abilities, this project will impact your community with a renewed spirit of collaboration and celebration.

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Tweets about StoryFlags at Health 2.0 San Francisco 2009

IDEO Human Centered Design Contest

"Storyflags - using offline & online art to create hope for cancer patients - should be the winner of IDEO's design session #health2con"

—Jennifer Raymond (@jenraymond)

"IDEO pitches. I think we have a winner! Storyflags based on Tibetan prayer flags. Healing Arts for children. #health2con"

—Steve Dean (@sgdean)

"Art meets health IT story flags based on Nepalese prayer flags #health2con IDEO contest - first product of day to engage emotionally"

—Sherry Reynolds (@Cascadia)